Cleaner facilities with

greener solutions.

We have the all-in-one solution to keep your facilities clean while reducing single-use plastic.

We provide re-usable, recyclable flip flops.

With your branding.

How does our


solution work?

An estimated 269,000 tonnes of debris is currently floating around our seas & oceans.

80% of that is plastic, weighing the same amount as just over

21 thousand double-decker buses!

How does it work?

  1. We design & provide recyclable branded flip flops on a custom display stand for your reception.
  2. Customers buy this great value footwear and you make a profit on each sale.
  3. Customers wear the footwear in your no outdoor shoe zones, increasing hygiene & cleanliness. 
  4. Every customer now has a re-useable pair to bring on every visit to your centre.
  5. You get a free recycle point with each order to recycle flip flops, goggles, pool floats, armbands and all branded products onsite when they reach the end of their life. 
  6. We collect the box when it's full, replace it with a new one and recycle the waste to make new products in the UK.

Free design

& quote


Keeping facilities clean and our planet.

We provide reusable, recyclable shoe covers.

The proven benefits

Facilities gain by introducing these solutions.

Improve cleanliness to attract new customers and keep them coming back for longer.

Demonstrate to customers your commitment to the environment by reducing single use plastics. 

Reduce spending on staff cleaning time & floor cleaning chemicals. 

Implement a no outdoor shoe policy that doesn't comprise cleanliness and reduces your enviromental footprint.

Eliminate the costs of buying shoe covers and turn it into earning extra income instead. 

Increase membership sales by utilising the products as a joining incentive to prospective customers.